Programing Resources


The Human Rights Video Project provides resources for organizations that wish to create effective discussion programs around human rights issues through documentary film screenings.

Thematic Programing


Going to School - Aaron Bruck receives occupational therapy in a room near his second grade class.
These five essays suggest how to use the Human Rights Video Collection to present programs on specific human rights issues.

Women’s Rights

Children’s Rights

Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

Refugee Rights and Related Issues

Arms, Conflict and International Humanitarian Law

Human Rights Video Project List-Serve


This list-serve is a resource for librarians who are participating in National Video Resources' "Human Rights Video Project". It enables libraries to share information and ideas about the administrative aspects of presenting public programs and possible events around the theme.

Promotion Guide


These guidelines will help you launch a successful campaign to promote your program. Included are sample media materials and general suggestions for promotional activities. Go


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Planning and Presenting a Video Screening with Discussion


National Video Resources (NVR) has developed and provided the materials you'll need to host a screening: videotapes (in some cases DVDs), essays (to be downloaded from the NVR Web site and photocopied for participants) and publicity materials. These planning guidelines will help you plan for your screening(s) and discussion(s). Go
Sample Press Release Go
Sample Letter to Community Groups Go
Program Evaluation Go


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