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Behind the Labels: Garment Workers on U.S. Saipan



Laotian boy with cluster bomb

Laotian children with US bombs

Child's drawing of kids finding cluster bombs

Laotian farm family in their fields


Books Not Bars

Woman at demonstration to support the campaign “Books not Bars”

Youth canvasser tries to spread the word about the prison industry to her peers on a basketball court

Calls for action against the growing prison industry

This young woman discusses the difficulty of trying to visit her mother who is incarcerated

The youth involved in the “Books Not Bars” campaign call for more access to education and opportunity

A sign for the “Books Not Bars” campaign


Calling the Ghosts: a Story About Rape, War and Women

Courtesy of Women Make Movies

Courtesy of Women Make Movies

Nusreta Sivac

Jadranka Cigelj

"I began to work as a field worker. . . a data collector in the Croatian Information Center. We work with other governmental and non-governmental organizations dealing with war-related issues."

"Recognition of our work will come when its goal is achieved: when those who are responsible for this war are brought before a court. There is a possibility that the International War Crimes Tribunal will start functioning. In that case the effects of this work will be seen much sooner."

"Our work must be a warning for the future..."

"And then slowly, the hatred I felt at the beginning began to subside, and I started to listen to the testimonies in a new way. Now I am in the role of the confessor. "

"Without the live witness, one can only speculate about the crime. The crime has not been filmed with a camera: it is only recorded in the memory of the witness. In order to expose the crime, you violate the witness. You don't force her, of course -- you beg her to speak, but you do make her live through it again."


Every Mother's Son

Doris Busch Boskey (R), Kadiatou Diallo and Iris Baez (L), featured in Every Mother's Son, by Tami Gold and Kelly Anderson

Doris Busch Boskey (L), Kadiatou Diallo and Iris Baez (R), featured in Every Mother's Son, by Tami Gold and Kelly Anderson

Kadiatou Diallo, mother of Amadu Diallo. Photo: Kirk Condyles

Iris Baez, mother of Anthony Baez at one of many demonstrations. Photo: Kirk Condyles

Doris Busch-Boskey, mother of Gary Busch. Photo: Kirk Condyles

Tami Gold (R) and Kelly Anderson (L) producers and directors. Photo: Kirk Condyles

Doris Busch-Boskey, mother of Gary Busch with Juanita Young. Photo: Kirk Condyles

Ramon and Iris Baez. Photo: Kirk Condyles

Photo: Kirk Condyles

Puerto Rican Rights rally demanding justice in the police killing of Anthony Baez on Dec 22, 1994. Held on Martin Luther King Day. Photo: Kirk Condyles


Going to School

Ana, Cynthia and Le on their way to lunch at the middle school cafeteria.

Aaron Bruck receives occupational therapy in a room near his second grade class.

Ana Uribe looks forward to another day in school

Seventh grader Ana Uribe catches the late bus after school.

Seventh grader Cynthia Delgado helps her friend with math.

Richard Martinez first included student to graduates seventh grade at his chool

Richard Martinez signs with his interpreter during seventh grade math class


Justice and the Generals

Sr. Ita Ford (top left), Jean Donovan (top right), Sr. Maura Clarke (botto left) and Sr. Dorothy Kazel (bottom right).

General Guillermo Garcia (center right) and Minister of Defense (center).

General Guillermo Garcia (center) and Minister of Defense (left).

General Eugenio Vides Casanova, General Jose Guillermo Garcia, and their lawyer Kurt Klaus entering court in 2000. Photo: La Prensa Graffica.

Bill Ford, brother of slain nun, Ita Ford, who has lead campaign to bring those responsible for his sister's death to justice. Photo: Geraldine Runio/Thirteen.


Life and Debt


Long Night's Journey into Day: South Africa's Search for Truth & Reconciliation

Audience members at the TRC hearing in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Photo: IRIS FILMS

Cynthia Ngewu (one of the Guguletu 7 mothers) testifying at the TRC hearing. Photo: IRIS FILMS


Lost Boys of Sudan

Peter playing bball. Photo: Dan Wayne

Peter playing bball. Photo: Dan Wayne

Peter “Nyarol” Dut supports himself with a job at Wal-Mart in Olathe, KS. Photo: Dan Wayne

Peter with carts. Photo: Dan Wayne

Peter with carts. Photo: Dan Wayne

Peter dancing. Photo: Dan Wayne

Peter “Nyarol” Dut outside of Olathe East High School in Olathe, Kansas. He is a senior and will graduate in May of 2003. Photo: Dan Wayne

Santino Majok Chuor, morning of his departure from Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. Photo: Jon Shenk.

Santino Majok Chuor one month after arriving in Houston, Texas. Photo: Megan Mylan

Santino Majok Chuor looks for his name on the flight list posted in Kakuma Refugee camp. August, 2001. Photo: Jon Shenk

A young Dinka boy arriving in Kenya in 1992. Determined to get an education, many of the "Lost Boys" carried books with them across hundreds of miles of desert. Photo: UNHCR/B.Press


The 3rd Annual Media that Matters Film Festival DVD



Yarko and Faraj. Photo: Meagan Shapiro

Sanabel. Photo: Justine Shapiro

Moishe with two friends.


State of Denial

After Chipho has gone on treatment, she has gained weight and is back at school.

Members of the Zola Support Group greet each other.

Zackie Achmat

Mary entering her home.

Mary gives her son Gift a bath.

Zackie Achmat and members of the Treatment Action Campaign march for price reductions of critical drugs.

In his weekly column, HIV positive journalist Lucky Mazibuko speaks candidly about the denial and silence surrounding AIDS in South Africa and the difficulties of living openly with the disease.


Well-Founded Fear

Asylum Officer Gerald. Photo: Michael Camerini

Huang Xiang, from China. Photo: Leo Hsu





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