Selected List of On-line Discussion Forums



ActForChange allows individuals to speak out on urgent issues of the day found on our news site such as gun violence and environmental degradation.

Amnesty International campaigns and appeals

Amnesty International Campaigns

Amnesty International Appeals

AI mobilizes the public to put pressure on governments and others with influence to stop human right abuses. Activities range from public demonstrations to letter writing, from human rights education to fundraising concerts, from targeted appeals on behalf of a single individual to global campaigns on a specific country or issue, from approaches to local authorities to lobbying at intergovernmental organizations. Educator/Librarian Workshop

Sponsored by, this is the meeting place for people who want to use film and video as a teaching tool and as a community resource. It is updated regularly – so check back often.

Human Rights Education Association Forums

HREA hosts various on-line discussion forums (or listservs) to support human rights education and learning. Membership to these forums is open. These listservs include:

The Global Human Rights Education listserv
A forum for activists and educators to exchange information on upcoming trainings and conferences; studies and "lessons learned;" human rights education resources; and new projects from around the world. Almost 3,000 organizations and are members of this forum.

The North American Human Rights Education listserv
Forum designed to keep the North American human rights and education community informed about developments in the field that are of specific interest to Canada, Mexico and the United States.

A forum on the use of information technologies for human rights work; on policies regarding freedom of speech, privacy, the right to information and on other issues related to human rights and the Internet.

COLPI-Street Law-type Clinics
This listserv is a forum in English and Russian for organizations involved in street law-type teaching clinics in law schools in Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and Mongolia.


The Psychology and Human Rights forum

The International Peace Practitioners Network Internet discussion group on Psychology and Human Rights – a joint project of Psychologists for Social Responsibility and the Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence: Peace Psychology Division of the American Psychological Association.

NONA Multimedia Women's Center

NONA is a place of conversation, creativity, and healing for women and children from Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina who live in the city of Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia. NONA is a "safe space" where women can speak freely to concerns, joys, and ideas. They come from many backgrounds, ethnicities, and walks of life, with most war survivors helping other war survivors.

Women's Human Rights Net Talk Forums

WHRNet talk forums are customized, web-based, bulletin boards that facilitate dialog and information exchange among WHRNet partners, affiliates and guests.



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