Calling the Ghosts: a Story About Rape, War and Women

1996, 63 minutes
Directors: Mandy Jacobson and Karmen Jelincic
Executive Producer: Julia Ormond
Distributed by Women Make Movies

Courtesy of Women Make Movies

Courtesy of Women Make Movies

Nusreta Sivac

Jadranka Cigelj

"I began to work as a field worker. . . a data collector in the Croatian Information Center. We work with other governmental and non-governmental organizations dealing with war-related issues."

"Recognition of our work will come when its goal is achieved: when those who are responsible for this war are brought before a court. There is a possibility that the International War Crimes Tribunal will start functioning. In that case the effects of this work will be seen much sooner."

"Our work must be a warning for the future..."

"And then slowly, the hatred I felt at the beginning began to subside, and I started to listen to the testimonies in a new way. Now I am in the role of the confessor. "

"Without the live witness, one can only speculate about the crime. The crime has not been filmed with a camera: it is only recorded in the memory of the witness. In order to expose the crime, you violate the witness. You don't force her, of course -- you beg her to speak, but you do make her live through it again."


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